Functions used to create fully inititalized objects.


This class is defined as Global-Multiuse. All of the functions can be called directly without needing to create a Constructors object.

The Cor static object can be used to easily find and select the desired object to create. By using the Cor.NewXxx method, the IntelliSense will show all of the available constructors, making object creation easier.


 ' This calls the constructor function directly.
 Set fs = NewFileStream("data.txt", FileMode.OpenOrCreate)

 ' This calls the constructor through the Cor.NewXxx method.
 Set fs = Cor.NewFileStream("data.txt", FileMode.OpenOrCreate)
Both methods perform the same task, however, using the Cor.Newxxx method will provide IntelliSense showing all of the available constructors.

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 BIntAttempts to convert a value to a valid BigInteger instance. 
 CreateEnumeratorCreates a For..Each compatible wrapper around an IEnumerator object. 
 NewApplicationExceptionCreates a new ApplicationException object. 
 NewArgumentExceptionCreates a new ArgumentException object. 
 NewArgumentNullExceptionCreates a new ArgumentNullException object. 
 NewArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionCreates a new ArgumentOutOfRangeException object. 
 NewArrayCreates an array of values. 
 NewArrayListCreates a new ArrayList object with the specified settings. 
 NewArrayTypeMismatchExceptionCreates a new ArrayTypeMismatchException object. 
 NewBigIntegerCreates a new BigInteger instance. 
 NewBinaryReaderReturns a new BinaryReader that can read from the specified stream usind the specified Encoding. 
 NewBinaryWriterReturns a new BinaryWriter used to write to a Stream object. 
 NewBitArrayCreates a new BitArray object. 
 NewBooleansReturns an array of Boolean values generated from the values passed in. 
 NewBytesReturns an array of Bytes generated from the values passed in. 
 NewcDateTimeCreates a new cDateTime object set to the specified date. 
 NewCharEnumeratorCreates an enumerator used to iterate over the Unicode characters of a String. 
 NewConsoleKeyInfoReturns a new ConsoleKeyInfo object that represents the state of a key press. 
 NewCryptoAPIHashCreates a new CryptoAPIHash object. 
 NewCryptographicExceptionCreates a new CryptographicException object. 
 NewCryptoStreamCreates a new CryptoStream object used to read or write transformed data to or from an underlying stream. 
 NewCspKeyContainerInfoCreates a new CspKeyContainerInfo object. 
 NewCspParametersCreates a new CspParameters object. 
 NewCultureInfoCreates a new CultureInfo object for the specified culture. 
 NewCurrencysReturns an array of Currency values generated from the values passed in. 
 NewDateAllows for quickly creating a cDateTime object from a VB Date value. 
 NewDatesReturns an array of Date values generated from the values passed in. 
 NewDayLightTimeCreates a new DayLightTime object with the specified start and end times for daylight savings. 
 NewDictionaryEntryCreates a new DictionaryEntry object initialized with key and value
 NewDirectoryInfoCreates a new DirectoryInfo object that describes the specified path. 
 NewDirectoryNotFoundExceptionCreates a new DirectoryNotFoundException object with the specified message and optional exception. 
 NewDoublesReturns an array of Doubles generated from the values passed in. 
 NewDriveInfoCreates a new DriveInfo object used to inspect a drives information. 
 NewDSACryptoServiceProviderCreates a new DSACryptoServiceProvider object. 
 NewEndOfStreamExceptionReturns a new EndOfStreamException with the specified message and optional exception. 
 NewExceptionCreates a new Exception object. 
 NewExceptionBaseCreates a new base utility class that can be contained within an exception class. 
 NewExternalExceptionCreates a new ExternalException object. 
 NewFileInfoCreates a new FileInfo object used to describe and manage a file. 
 NewFileNotFoundExceptionCreates a new FileNotFoundException with the specified Message, FileName, and InnerException. 
 NewFileStreamReturns a new FileStream to access an underyling file. 
 NewFileStreamFromHandleReturns a new FileStream to access a file other than that on disk, such as pipes. 
 NewFormatExceptionCreates a new FormatException object. 
 NewFromBase64TransformCreates a new FromBase64Transform object used to convert base64 characters to plain text. 
 NewGregorianCalendarCreates a new instance of the Gregorian calendar class. 
 NewHashAlgorithmBaseCreates a base classed used by hash algorithms. 
 NewHashtableCreates a new Hashtable object with specific settings. 
 NewHMACBaseCreates a base class that can be used as a base implementation of an HMAC class. 
 NewHMACMD5Creates a new HMACMD5 object. 
 NewHMACRIPEMD160Creates a new HMACRIPEMD160 object. 
 NewHMACSHA1Creates a new HMACSHA1 object. 
 NewHMACSHA256Creates a new HMACSHA256 object. 
 NewHMACSHA384Creates a new HMACSHA384 object. 
 NewHMACSHA512Creates a new HMACSHA512 object. 
 NewIndexOutOfRangeExceptionCreates a new IndexOutOfRangeException object. 
 NewINIFileReturns an object used to manipulate an INI file. 
 NewIntegersReturns an array of Integers generated from the values passed in. 
 NewInvalidCastExceptionCreates a new InvalidCaseException object. 
 NewInvalidOperationExceptionCreates a new InvalidOperationException object. 
 NewIOExceptionCreates a new IOException object with the specified Message, HResult, and InnerException. 
 NewKeySizesCreates a new KeySizes object with the Min, Max and Skip sizes defined. 
 NewLongsReturns an array of Longs generated from the values passed in. 
 NewMACTripleDESCreates a new MACTripleDES object. 
 NewMemoryMappedFileCreates a memory-mapped view of a file. 
 NewMemoryStreamReturns a new memoryStream object which uses a supplied byte array. 
 NewNotSupportedExceptionCreates a new NotSupportedException object. 
 NewObjectDisposedExceptionReturns a new ObjectDisposedException 
 NewOperatingSystemReturns a new OperatingSystem object with the specified Platform and Version. 
 NewOverflowExceptionReturns a new OverflowException with the specified message and exception. 
 NewPathTooLongExceptionReturns a new PathTooLongException object. 
 NewPlatformNotSupportedExceptionReturns a new PlatformNotSupportedException with the specified Message and InnerException. 
 NewQueueCreates a new Queue initialized with the elements in the collection. 
 NewRandomCreates a new Random object initialized with the specified seed. 
 NewRankExceptionCreates a new RankException object. 
 NewResourceKeyCreates a new object used to uniquely identify a resource. 
 NewResourceManagerLoads all resources from a source for all cultures in the source. 
 NewResourceReaderEnumerates through the resources in a .RES file. 
 NewResourceSetCreates a new set of resources for a specific culture. 
 NewResourceWriterProvides a method to create a new .RES file. 
 NewResPictureGroupCreates a picture group object used to contain information about resources that are grouped together. 
 NewRfc2898DeriveBytesCreates a new Rfc2898DeriveBytes object. 
 NewRNGCryptoServiceProviderCreates a new random number generator that uses a crypto service provider to generate random numbers. 
 NewRSACryptoServiceProviderCreates a new RSACryptoServiceProvider object. 
 NewSecurityElementCreates a new SecurityElement object. 
 NewSerializationExceptionCreates a new SerializationException object. 
 NewSinglesReturns an array of Singles generated from the values passed in. 
 NewSortedListCreates a new SortedList object with specific initialization options. 
 NewStackCreates a new Stack object initialized with data in col
 NewStreamReaderCreates a new StreamReader from either a FileName or an existing stream to read from. 
 NewStreamWriterCreates a new StreamWriter with either a filename or other stream as a source to write to in the specified Encoding. 
 NewStringBuilderReturns a new StringBuilder with user specified settings and starting string. 
 NewStringReaderReturns a new StringReader object. 
 NewStringsReturns an array of Strings generated from the values passed in. 
 NewStringWriterReturns a new StringWriter object. 
 NewSystemExceptionCreates a new SystemException object. 
 NewTickerCreates a new Ticker. 
 NewTimeReturns a new TimeSpan representing the time portion of the date. 
 NewTimeSpanCreates a new TimeSpan object set to the specified amount of time. 
 NewUnauthorizedAccessExceptionCreates a new UnauthorizedAccessException object. 
 NewUnicodeEncodingReturns a new UnicodeEncoding object with the specified settings. 
 NewUTF7EncodingReturns a new UTF7Encoding object. 
 NewUTF8EncodingReturns a new UTF8Encoding object. 
 NewVariantsReturns a Variant array containing the values passed in. 
 NewVersionCreates a new Version object with specified version information. 
 NewWeakReferenceCreates a new WeakReference object. 
 NewWinResourceReaderCreates a new WinResourceReader reader object. 
 NewXmlSyntaxExceptionCreates a new XmlSyntaxException object.