Provides the base functionality to perfrom Hash Message Authentication Code operations.


This base implementation manages many of the aspects utilized with HMAC implementations. Usually, any class that implements the HashAlgorithm interface can easily be used to provide HMAC capabilities by simply initializing an instance of HMACBase with an instance of the hash object.

The HMAC set of classes provided in VBCorLib utilize the HMACBase class to provide consistent HMAC operations.

See Also

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 Hash (get)Returns the computed hash. 
 HashName (get)Returns the name of the hash algorithm used. 
 HashName (let)Sets the name of the hash algorithm used. 


 ClearReleases any resources and marks the object as disposed. 
 ComputeHashComputes the hash code for the specific source. 
 GetKeyReturns the current key used by the hash. 
 InitializeResets an instance to begin computing a hash from the begining. 
 SetKeySets the key the hash will use. 
 TransformBlockProcesses a block of data towards the computed hash. 
 TransformFinalBlockProcesses the final block of data, generating the computed hash.