Provides random number generation that is a bit more random than the regular Visual Basic method by using a Cryptographic Service Provider.





 Equals This function determines if the value passed in is the same as the current object instance. Meaning, are the Value and this object the same object in memory.  
 GetBytes Fills an array of bytes with random values.  
 GetHashCode Returns a psuedo-unique number used to help identify this object in memory. The current method is to return the value obtained from ObjPtr. If a different method needs to be impelmented then change the method here in this function.

An override might be necessary if the hashcode should be derived from a value contained within the class.  

 GetNonZeroBytes Fills an array of bytes with random values, with no zeros.  
 ToString Returns a string representation of this object instance. The default method simply returns the application name and class name in which this class resides.

A Person class may return the persons name instead.  

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