Provides an interface to read text characters from a stream.

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 CloseReaderCloses the current reader. 
 EqualsReturns if the value is equal to this instance of TextReader 
 GetHashCodeReturns a pseudo-unique number that identifies this object instance. 
 PeekReturns the next character from the stream without advancing to the next characters. 
 ReadReturns the next character in the stream, consuming that character. 
 ReadBlockFills a character array (Integer Array) with the specified number of characters, returning the actual number of characters read from the stream. 
 ReadLineReads characters from the stream until a Return or a LineFeed is found, returning all characters up to that line break. 
 ReadToEndReads the remaining characters in the stream, returning them as a string. 
 ToStringReturns a string representation of this instance.