Represents the base interface from which all RSA class implementations must implement.

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 KeyExchangeAlgorithm (get)Returns the algorithm used for key exchange. 
 KeySize (get)Returns the key size used by the RSA instance. 
 KeySize (let)Sets the key size used by the current RSA instance. 
 LegalKeySizes (get)Returns an array of KeySizes objects representing all the valid key sizes. 
 SignatureAlgorithm (get)Returns the name of the signature algorithm used. 


 ClearReleases any resources used by the RSA instance. 
 DecryptValueDecrypts an array of encrypted data, returning the plain text data. 
 EncryptValueEncrypts an array of plain text data, returning the encrypted data. 
 EqualsReturns if the Value is equal this RSA instance. 
 ExportParametersExports the RSA key in an RSAParameters object. 
 FromXmlStringInitializes an RSA instance with an Xml representation of an RSA key. 
 GetHashCodeReturns a hash code identifying this object instance. 
 ImportParametersImports the RSA key from an RSAParameters object. 
 ToStringReturns a string representation of this object instance. 
 ToXmlStringReturns an Xml representation of the key for this RSA instance.