Provides a common interface to be implementated by all keyed hash implentations.

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 CanReuseTransform (get)Returns if the hash algorithm implementation can be reused once a hash has been computed. 
 CanTransformMultipleBlocks (get)Returns if the hash algorithm implementation can processd multiple blocks of data at a time. 
 Hash (get)Returns the computed hash after all data has been processed. 
 HashSize (get)Returns the size of the hash value in bits. 
 InputBlockSize (get)Returns the size of the input block size allowed. 
 Key (get)Returns the key being used by the algorithm. 
 Key (let)Sets the key to be used by the algorithm. 
 OutputBlockSize (get)Returns the size of the output block. 


 ClearReleases any resources being held by the hash algorithm. 
 ComputeHashComputes the hash on a source in its entirety. 
 EqualsReturns if the Value is equal to this object instance. 
 GetHashCodeReturns a pseudo-unique number identifying this instance. 
 InitializeResets a hashing object to begin hashing a new value. 
 ToStringReturns a string representation of this object instance. 
 TransformBlockContinues to compute the hash value for blocks of data. 
 TransformFinalBlockFinalizes the hash computation by processing the last block of data.