Provides static methods used to create and manipulate Guid objects.


The name Guid conflicts with a hidden type in VB. In order to specific the VBCorLib version of Guid, a variable must be defined as VBCorLib.Guid instead of just Guid.

This class cannot be directly created. To access the methods, use the variable name directly.
 Dim g As VBCorLib.Guid
 Set g = Guid.Parse("{533217B3-CDEC-40A2-B01C-1EA8593B850F}")

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 IDispatchGuid (get)Returns a Guid already set to the IDispatch (Object) interface. 
 IUnknownGuid (get)Returns a Guid already set to the IUnknown interface. 


 EmptyGuidReturns a guid that is guaranteed to be all zeros. 
 FromByteArrayConverts an array of 16 bytes into a Guid. 
 FromMemoryCreates a Guid based on a 16-byte block of memory. 
 FromPartsCreates a guid using specified values and byte array. 
 FromProgramIDReturns a Guid representation of the Program ID in the form of
 FromValuesCreates a new guid from the individual values and bytes. 
 NewGuidReturns a new Guid object with a random guid generated. 
 ParseParses a string representation of a guid, returning a Guid containing the parsed value. 
 ReadOnlyReturns a Read-Only wrapper for the supplied Guid object.