Provides a buffer that allows a fallback handler to return an alternate string to an encoder when it cannot encode an input character.



 Remaining (get) When implemented in a derived class, gets the number of characters in the current EncoderFallbackBuffer object that remain to be processed.  


 Equals Determines whether the specified value passed in is equal to the current object.  
 Fallback When overridden in a derived class, prepares the fallback buffer to handle the specified surrogate pair.  
 GetHashCode Serves as the default hash function.  
 GetNextChar When implemented in a derived class, retrieves the next character in the fallback buffer.  
 MovePrevious When implemented in a derived class, causes the next call to the GetNextChar method to access the data buffer character position that is prior to the current character position.  
 Reset Initializes all data and state information pertaining to this fallback buffer.  
 ToString Returns a string that represents the current object.  

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