Utilizes the Windows CryptoAPI cryptography services to perform data transformations.


This class is used to support 3 cryptographic service providers within the CryptoAPI: DES, TripleDES, and RC2.

See Also

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 CanReuseTransform (get)Returns if the current transfrom can be reused after calling TransformFinalBlock. 
 CanTransformMultipleBlocks (get)Returns if this transform can process more than one block per TransformBlock call. 
 InputBlockSize (get)Returns the size of one block of data that is to be processed. 
 KeyHandle (get)This returns the actual handle to a key created by the CryptoAPI service. 
 OutputBlockSize (get)Returns the size of the resulting block of data after an input block of data has been processed. 


 ClearThis will release the key and context of the CryptoAPI provider. 
 EqualsReturns a boolean indicating if the value and this object instance are the same instance. 
 GetHashCodeReturns a psuedo-unique number used to help identify this object in memory. The current method is to return the value obtained from ObjPtr. If a different method needs to be impelmented then change the method here in this function. An override might be necessary if the hashcode should be derived from a value contained within the class. 
 ResetResets the transform so a new set of data can begin to be processed. 
 ToStringReturns a string representation of this object instance. The default method simply returns the application name and class name in which this class resides. A Person class may return the persons name instead. 
 TransformBlockProcesses a set of data, encrypting or decrypting it. 
 TransformFinalBlockProcesses a set of data adding any padding needed to complete the process.