HashAlgorithm: TransformFinalBlock


Finalizes the hash computation by processing the last block of data.

 Public Function TransformFinalBlock(
	  ByRef InputBuffer ( ) As Byte,
	  ByVal InputOffset As Long,
	  ByVal InputCount As Long ) As Byte ( ) :


[ByRef] Byte. The bytes to finish the hash computation with.
[ByVal] Long. The index into the byte array to begin hash computations.
[ByVal] Long. The number of bytes to be included in the final hash computation.

Return Values

Byte() -  A copy of the portion of the InputBuffer that was processed.


The hash value is not returned by this method. To retrieve the final hash value, call the Hash property.

The Hash property can only be called after this method is called. If the Hash property is called before this method, then an exception is thrown.

If the implementation can be reused (CanReuseTransform) then the implemntation is reset to allow computing of a new hash value.

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