HashAlgorithm: TransformBlock


Continues to compute the hash value for blocks of data.

 Public Function TransformBlock(
	  ByRef InputBuffer ( ) As Byte,
	  ByVal InputOffset As Long,
	  ByVal InputCount As Long,
	  ByRef OutputBuffer ( ) As Byte,
	  ByVal OutputOffset As Long ) As Long


[ByRef] Byte. The bytes to continue computing the hash from.
[ByVal] Long. The index into the byte array to begin computing from.
[ByVal] Long. The number of bytes to be included in the hash computation.
[ByRef] Byte. The data after it has been processed. This will be the same as the input data, no changes are made.
[ByVal] Long. The starting index in the output buffer to place the processed data.

Return Values

Long -  The number of bytes that were processed.


The OutputBuffer will contain the same plain text data as the input buffer. No transformation of the data is applied. The OutputBuffer array can be a Null array or the same array as the InputBuffer. If the InputBuffer is used as the OutputBuffer and the InputOffset equals the OutputOffset, no data is copied.

Once this method is called, the Hash property cannot be called until the TransformFinalBlock is called, finishing the hash computation.

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