Convert: ToBase64String


Converts the value of a subset of a byte array to an equivalent subset of a Unicode character string consisting of base-64 characters. Parameters specify the subsets as offsets of the input array and the number of elements in the input array to process.

 Public Function ToBase64String(
	  ByRef InArray ( ) As Byte,
	  Optional ByRef Offset As Variant,
	  Optional ByRef Length As Variant,
	  Optional ByVal InsertLineBreaks As Boolean = False ) As String


[ByRef] Byte. The bytes to be converted to a base-64 character array.
[ByRef] Optional. Variant. Offset within InArray to begin encoding to base-64 characters.
[ByRef] Optional. Variant. The number of bytes to encode.
[ByVal] Optional. Boolean. Indicates if a vbCrLf should be inserted every 76 characters to conform with MIME line formatting.  

Default: False

Return Values

String -  A string containg the byte array encoded as base-64 characters.

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